How are you taking advantage of your users moving from office to WFH?


I'm looking at how I can encourage better user behaviour in our business, from getting our sales people to Note more on deals, to getting people to complete the Academy Courses.   We have a great opportunity as we moved our workforce to Working From Home (WFH) as of today, so under the guise of keeping in touch and making sure we're all pulling our weight, we're in a better position to do the evil of micro-management.

I'm encouraging staff to use the time they would spend on commuting more productively, by exercising or doing some online training - and pushing them towards Hubspot where its appropriate.

I'm also getting our managers to rely on Hubspot more, as they cant do catch up chats in the office, so trying to get them to adopt an attitude of  "If it isn't on Hubspot, it doesnt exist".   I'm pushing this by sending them dashboard emails twice a week, which will quickly show where employees are not updating contacts and deals.

Anyone else doing similiar or have any other suggestions for how we can make the most of this opportunity?   I want to prove to some of the directors of the company that remote working can be an option (for more staff than they think), so I'm trying to make us even more productive than we were previously.

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Hi Jonathan,


We created a channel on Slack where everyone can post questions, comments, or issues they are having related to HubSpot. It's been really helpful to open up the conversation between all of our users, rather than them having to email the Admin with all of their questions. I am also going to be diving into video documentation, and sending out video ideas and updates to all of our users. Thanks for sharing!


Hope all is well,


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@morganmcgee saw in your intro that you work from home normally (as do I!), was wondering if you have any insights to share of how the rest of your colleagues are adapting to working from home and making the most of it?


I very much agree with @davecriswell. The productivity will take care of itself when you have employees who feel valued and heard. Focusing less on micromanagement in favor of encouraging interaction, health, and safety will help foster an environment of trust during these very troubling times. 


In my company, we've done some virtual happy hours to gather team members across the country. We started a Slack channel for the sole purpose of letting people vent about their lives during COVID-19. We also have some associates who lead yoga classes via Zoom for our company. Our leadership has been exceptionally transparent and kind. All of these things encourage me to do my best and most productive work for them. 


My advice: see this as an opportunity to show you care.



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@Aaron-WC @cooperelias @davecriswell - thought there's a chance you all may have experience with your own teams working through this recently and wondering if you have any advice?


With so many tools like Hubspot, GSuite, and others that are cloud-based I think the "getting work done" is generally the easier side of things. 


The bigger challenge is the social, human connection, and maintaining the company culture side of going remote. A couple of things we do to accomplish this


  • We created rooms in Hangouts Chat (our team chat tool) to facilitate conversations about interests outside of getting work done. ie - playlists of the day, recipes to share, favorite binge-worthy shows, etc.
  • For those in the office before stay-at-home orders came out, we did a Happy Thursday lunch each week where one function brought in snacks and everyone gathered for lunch and conversation. We're re-creating that during this time by having small-group video lunches where we created random cross-functional groups and a team leader is responsible for setting up a Zoom room for those groups to meet and share conversation at lunchtime.

There are some great tips from Zapier here as well.