Hi, I'm Maggie, your new community moderator

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If you've stumbled upon this message, hi there - and welcome to #OpsLife. I'm Maggie and I've been in Marketing Ops @ HubSpot for the last couple of years. 


I am SO excited to be moderating this community because as an Ops person, I am always looking to connect with someone else who knows my systems & the way they work, or knows my challenge because they figured a way out of it themselves, and can offer some insight and give me space to find new ideas. I want our community to be a place for just that.


Reach out to me, introduce yourself, and let me know how I can support you.

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I'm excited that this community exists and looking forward to sharing knowledge and getting ideas from this group.   It definitely needed a home. 

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Hi Maggie! Thanks for making this space!