[Discussion] How do you discover new technology?

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As an Ops professional, how often are your Sales, Marketing and Customer Success counterparts coming to you with the phrase:


"I just found this awesome new software we should use!"


Cue your sigh, because you know implementing new tech into your stack isn't that easy.


But let's not go doen that road today - instead, let's share how you discover new technology that could be beneficial to your biz. Which begs a few other questions:


  • When is the right time to evaluate or change up the tech you use?
  • How do you translate business problems into tech solutions?
  • What apps or websites or people do you consult to find the latest and greatest?

I'll start - have you heard of Blissfully? It's a two-for-one punch in both managing and discovering software. Is anyone else using this? 

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