[Discussion] Best ways to clean your contacts database?

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At INBOUND this year, we announced that our CRM now offered free storage of up to one million non-marketing contacts, and now, customers will only pay for the contacts you choose to market to.


While this is an exciting update, it also means that keeping your contacts database clean is mort imoprtant than ever before. Confirming that email addresses actually exist, or that you have the right primary / singular email address for a contact, or that that contact is in fact a marketing contact and not a non-marketing contact -- all of these actions are more important than ever.


How do you keep your contacts database up-to-date? What reports or methods do you use to ensure the data coming in is clean and usable? 


Some OpsLife Community folks have already thought about this... check out their suggestions below:


@KyleRisi uses this method to encourage his Sales team to clean up their data


@Josh recently shared these best practices for data imports



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Hi Maggie!


Our CRM expert, @MarianaG , shared some tips about cleaning a CRM recently with Databox: https://www.remotish.agency/hubspot-consultant-blog/mariana-godsen-featured-in-cleanup-your-bad-crm-...