Connecting HubSpot CRM with accounting systems

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Hello! We've been running on HubSpot for the past 6 years and have grew from a single currency/country company to a multi national one, with employees and customers in more than 5 countries. And at the same time that this is awesome, it did created new challenges for us to keep using HubSpot CRM. The one I wanted to see if any member in the power user community have worked his/her way through is connecting the accounting system to the CRM. 


We are planning to invest a lot of resources to develop further integration between HubSpot and NetSuite but since this is uncharted territory for us, I was wondering if anyone here did something similar (even if its not on NetSuite exactly)?


We're finding HubSpot Product and Quotes system not enough for our business rules, so we're trying to develop on top of the new accounting API to maybe have the rep quoting in NetSuite but from within the CRM, if that makes any sense.


Something like this:

quote process.png


We have over 100+ HubSpot users in our company, so this is a very sensitive project for us that will impact how we report on revenues, so anyone who went through something similar and have anything to share will be appretiated. We've been advised by some firms that we outgrew HubSpot CRM but I would like to exhaust all our possibilities before making any migration commitment, even with heavy custom development/integration with NetSuite. 


Also: If you have any partner that you recommend working with, I take that as well. I've spoken with Lynton Web in the past but would love to have referrals from this community.

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