Clean your room Dashboard (data integrity)


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We recently migrated over from a different CRM - Shocked is the only way to describe how gross our data was. we spend days cleaning and sorting contacts, companies and deals. 


To make sure we are never in this situation again - we created a User level dasboard called "Clean your room" - which the sales team are expected to review each month before their indavidual appraisals and clean up the state of their Company, Contats and Deal records. 


I am looking for other suggested visulisations I could include which could help mitigate a huge data issue down the road? What visulations or dashboards have you implemented to keep your data in check?





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This is awesome, I love it! Thank you for sharing!

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Hello @KyleRisi 


Thank you for sharing, I will be tagging some of our top experts on this matter, @warrendavey@ErinStudstill@vanae, would you be able to add any other suggestions into @KyleRisi subject?


Thank you,


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Hi Kyle!  This is a great idea and something I will try to do myself for hard bounces, etc. to help stay on top of data management. 


My first thought is to drill each dashboard down to display the very action that needs to be done.  For example, when I look at the top dashboard, it's not immediately clear to me what the action needs to be.   With that in mind, you could also change the name of the reports to include the action in them to help guide folks through the Dash.  For example, maybe the top report would be "Overview - FYI".  Where the Report on the 2nd Row R side could be, "Contacts You Need to Classify" or something similar.  If the dashboard is reviewed with the rep once a month, I assume that means they'll only look at it once a month, so anything to make it easier for them will always be better in my experience. 


Thanks for sharing! We also chase our teams on bounced emails (especially for B2B contacts who changed jobs), so that the team can try to reconnect through other channels. In addition, we monitor the contacts who don't have enough data for effective personalization, there is more about data enrichment than data cleaning, but super important for us.