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Hi everyone!


I'm curious to know how everyone currently handles their bounced contacts. We've been opted into a beta version of two new contact properties related to bounces. Now that we pulled a dynamic list, we're seeing almost 25% of our database as bounced contacts. (We were able to pull this before in the marketing email tools dropdown, but had never selected global bounces before).


Our initial thought was to remove them from HubSpot, since we use HubSpot for emailing and these contacts can't be emailed. However, digging into them, we see that a lot of bounced contacts are being created every day, whether that's from a sales rep/BDR contact creation, or someone submitting a form on our website. Has anyone else noticed excessive bounces? Just trying to understand if this is normal.

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@folked@ridingforlife@geoffbcampbell1@DSV@rtruncale - I wanted to tag you here, as you all have experience managing contacts in the HubSpot CRM and also have a focus in email marketing. We thought you might have some insight to add, and/or would benefit from the knowledge share on this thread 🙂


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Have you identified if these are hard or soft bounces? We end up with more soft bounces and then the sales team wil send me emails saying "another bounce....". I'll check these and notice the emails were in fact delivered and opened later. Not saying this is the case for everything, but soft bounces definitely need to be segmented out of your 25% count if deleting out of HubSpot. 

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No, these are all hard bounces. We've recently been opted into a beta that allows us to see the reason for a hard bounce, so we pulled a dynamic list (upon the suggestion from the product owner at HubSpot who released the beta) that filters for "Email Hard Bounce Reason is known." This pulled 25% of the database, but this number is basically the same as when you pull a hard bounce static list from the marketing email tools (so I don't think it's related to the new field).


Once we pulled this list and sorted by created date, we noticed we have a lot of bounced contacts every day from sales reps emailing contacts. However, these are legitimate emails they have, so we aren't sure why so many are hard bouncing consistently upon first email send.

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Hi @DanielaFonseca 

Your point about 'sales-emails' adding to the hard bounce number when those emails seem to be infact correct ...are these sales emails to a particular company. If the bulk of it is coming from one or two companies then it is possible that: 

1. The recipient mail server doesn't want to entertain any email from your end. In such a case, you will be getting a Temporary (4xx) failure.  that if this the case, then that means your sender IP address is blacklisted on DNSBLs or RBLs. 

2. The recipient's mail server is completely overloaded and not in a position to temporarily accept any incoming SMTP connection.

The way we manage bounced contacts is, we enroll them into a "double opt-in" workflow. The emails that opt-in stay in the system and the others are deleted. (Usually works for 'soft bounces' because with hard bounces usually the email address is invalid, but those get deleted via this system too). 

Hope this helps
Thank you.
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@AM8 Thanks for the suggestion. The double opt in workflow is definitely something we can look at, but it's strange that this happens so frequently -- even with contacts who organically convert on the website.

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Hi @DanielaFonseca - in this case, I recommend getting in touch with the HubSpot Support Team to review some of the contacts' bounce reasons to better understand the reason new contacts are bouncing.  They can be reached at 1-888-HUBSPOT x3 (1-888-482-7768 x3 - or other ways to get in touch here.).