Advice needed: how to write and document business processes

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It's annual planning season and when I think about what that means for me, one thing very clearly stands out --- documentation.


It's now the time of year where you are either reviewing & editing your VIP business processes, and you might be creating and implementing new processes this coming year.


For example, maybe you are rethinking how to carve up and assigns leads to your database. You're reviewing data, making decisions about how it all should work and communicating those changes out to the rest of the company.


What is your advice on the best ways to write and document business processes? What lessons have you learned in the past from trying a new tool or collaboration method?


Big thanks to @JenBergren for this idea!

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Hi Maggie! Yes, documentation is one of my favorite topics!

We use the HubSpot Knowledge Base for our internal documentation, since it is a tool we're all in every day anyways, so that makes it simple and easy-to-use.

For Clients we use Google Doc Templates we customize for them, though for clients with Service Hub we may deliver documentation of their processes through their own Knowledge Base in the future.

I don't currently have collaboration method advice though I will think on that, aside from working with clients inside of Google Docs as collaboration on their documentation. Since our whole team has access to the Knowledge Base we can ask certain people to review, edit, or take over ownership of certain wikis to keep them updated with any changes. 


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