ADA Compliance Module - Testing the waters

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Hey all!


I deal with ADA compliance on adaily basis (I'm positive most of us do) for almost all of our clients (so basically our design/creative teams hates me lol) And I think most know it's growing into a big deal . No one want to end up like dominos!


I've been kicking the idea around of building a module for checking ADA compliance of text vs background color while editing the page content. Ideally this would show warnings in the content editor page, maybe even color alternatives!


The goals:

  • Make ADA compliance a little more accessible to everyone (this feels familiar) in terms of domain knowledge
  • Reduce the amount of time QC takes checking for compliance
  • Shift some 👌 responsibility off the creative team, if you've got one! Not a lot though, a good designer should always take this into account!
  • Reduce back and forth between involved parties


Basically I'm wanting to gauge interest on this functionality!





This might be in the wrong forum…maybe community champions?

Hey @lalexander gonna tag ya and see if I can't stir upa convo!

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This is certainly something that I bet Power Users would be interested in discussing! tagging in a couple folks - @amwilie I think you've done work with ADA compliance! 

Also tagging in a few of our developers for their take - @Stephanie-OG @DanielSanchez 

And our own @dennisedson1 - thought you might have thoughts to share!

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also @huntermgorman  as a CMS expert and @thesnappingdog 🙂 


I think this would be awesome! Great idea, @Kevin-C!


Happy to test or assist however I can if needed! Let me know

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Awesome! Whehn I get to work I'll reach out!

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This would actually be really awesome. We've been doing more and more ADA compliance for clients and it would certainly speed up testing a little to have some built in checks especially when it comes to things the marketing team or a client may be editing.


Alyssa Wilie

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