Revisiting our April 27 Automation Strategy Meetup

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Hi everyone,


In case you missed the very first Automation Strategy Meetup on April 27, here are some key takeaways. You can also watch the recording yourself here:

Recording Link:

Access Passcode: &=G6g0!j


Q: Why do companies care about automation?

A: it is really helping the business run more efficiently and effectively, whether it be on the internal side, and the way teams operate, or on the external side and the way it impacts the customer experience. And ultimately, making the internal processes of the teams more streamlined, it will equate to a more delightful customer experience.


Q: What do companies generally get wrong about automation?

A: Far too many companies just jump right into building mode. Getting your hands dirty and just building cool things is fun, but try to slow down and really think through what your overall strategy and goals are, and how your automation should be built to support that. It can really help to map and draw it out either on a whiteboard or in some software like Lucidchart.


The second most important thing is not including that human touch in your automation and your messaging by including personalization – whether you're in B2B or in B2C, you're still selling to a human. There's no substitution for emotional intelligence and including that in your automation will keep you authentic and your brand and company authentic.


The third "pillar" is visibility and knowing how well your automation performs. And that's a challenge since there are so many touchpoints working together. You can get clear visibility of what's performing and what's not performing by levering experimentation, like A/B testing, and taking the time to look at what your reports and data are telling you. 


Q: how do you measure ROI on automation?

A: What success looks like depends on what kind of automation you've set up and what problem it is trying to solve. That's why it's so important to tie automation to your overall strategy. You need to understand the problem you want to solve is, and also envision what the dream world looks like. Once you have that, it becomes easier to decide on the right metrics.


Con and Mike of course talk about much more, be sure to watch the recording or attend our next Automation Strategy Meetup!



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