[Event Follow Up] Effective Territory Design: Lessons from HubSpot & Gong

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Your can register for this event on 10/22 here or click here for the recording.


Check out the content above on territory design and leave a question or upvote feedback for @JonDick and @MichelleBenfer below.


Content highlights include:


  • The six core elements to consider in your territory strategy
  • How to translate your priorities into an actual design
  • Details on the HubSpot Case Study: Small Biz 2020 territory redesign (non-contiguous team territories)
  • Lessons learned & commentary from Senior Directors of Marketing, Sales @ Gong


Event description: There's a lot of decisions to ship during the annual planning season, and Territory Design can be the hot-button topic for Sales reps and leadership alike. Is the right strategy to set it and forget it, or iterate on your plan year after year? Join HubSpot's Michelle Benfer, VP Sales and Jon Dick, VP Marketing, along with Willie Pierson, Senior Director of Sales & Business Development at Gong and Russell Banzon, Senior Director of Marketing at Gong, as they share lessons learned in implementing various territory design strategies, ranging from micro-territories to discrete team territory ownership, that are applicable for companies at all stages of growth.

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This was a very informative event! I was only familiar with lead routing using zip codes for territories in the past, so I learned many other factors to use.

So glad to see HubSpot partnering with Revenue Collective for great content like this and more!



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