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Our Academy team has been hard at work creating a new lesson on revenue operations (RevOps). In this lesson, you'll learn what "revenue operations" means and how best to streamline operations at your own company. 


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Here is what you can expect from the lesson:


  1. What is RevOps 
  2. Cultivating the RevOps Mindset
  3. Implementing RevOps Practices
  4. Adopting the RevOps Structure
  5. Quiz Yourself

What do you think of the lesson? What did you like, and how we can make it better? Let us know what else you want to learn, so we can make more education!


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Hi Maggie!


Thanks for letting us know about this exciting new lesson!


  • I like that part of it is called the RevOps mindset! 
  • I like the incorporation of the flywheel and emphasis on the customer.
  • The mention that hiring ops outside of the company will be hard to do, without first involving anyone internally who knows what is going on with processes etc. , is very good advice. Since our agency is external, that is where we can hit roadblocks, when no one person at the company knows the entire revenue process or can make the decisions we need to succeed.
  • The implement lesson was helpful to have advice on what to do first and what has the most impact, if the company is just starting out or testing out RevOps. 
  • I like that the common mistake of thinking of ops as only systems/tools was discussed


Suggested additions

  • Talk when to hire ops. The first lesson talks about going from sales team of one to many and that they need ops at some point...this seems like a good place to add some advice. I'm guessing some of the audience for this lesson may be in a position to hire.
  • Interviewing people in companies with RevOps job titles, in these lessons, may give some different perspectives after this introduction level lesson of talking to regular ops and agency owners.
  • Adding more gender equality in the interviews would be appreciated, 'What is RevOps' first lesson does a good job of it, but after that, it's all men.
  • Since it is an introduction lesson I won't dive deep into any other suggestions, I know we've chatted on this 🙂 Like documentation...using the HubSpot Knowledge Base and more 🙂 It sounded like the implementing lesson was saying documentation was bad and caused friction (with the UX designer example) though I realize that was a different context


Jen Bergren

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