DISCUSSION SERIES: Building Your HubSpot Operations Manual

HubSpot Employee

NOTE: This series is now complete, but the first iteration of the manual is here!


Check out the manual here. You can contribute to it by commenting in the document and suggesting additions for what's missing.


Recordings of Previous Sessions:

Session 1: Go-To-Market Fundamentals

- Main Room (Password: 8v.5.$34)

- Breakout Discussion

Session 2: Business Process Optimization

- Main Room (Password: 9o=6==1Q)

- Breakout Discussion

Session 3: All Things Data

- Full Session Recording (Password: 1r@?B!^y)

Session 4: Lead Scoring

- Full Session Recording (Password: 4C.S+2L?)

Session 5: Lead Rotation

- Full Session Recording (Password: J!2nU8Km)

Session 6: Integrations

- Full Session Recording (Password: eg8#?P1W)

Session 7: Managing Your Automation in HubSpot

- Full Session Recording (Password: H+8zZ#23)

Session 8: Team Operating Systems

- Full Session Recording (Password: hcX^V^0i)

Session 9: Customer Journey Mapping

- Full Session Recording  (Password: 54$a@7ze)

Session 10: What's Next? Revealing the Manual + Final Close-Out

- Full Session Recording  (Password: 4d2u&?d)




We’re thrilled to unveil a new series in the Power User Community: Building Your HubSpot Operations Manual. 


  • 10 virtual, collaborative discussions led by HubSpot operations experts 
  • Small group discussions 
  • 1 living, breathing manual to running HubSpot operations


Every two weeks beginning on June 3, we’ll come together to build another chapter of an ultimate guide to managing the operations of your HubSpot portal. You’ll play a direct part in creating a guide that catalogues the incredible expertise and experience we have within the Power User Community.


Some sessions will be led by Maggie Butler, a veteran member of HubSpot’s Marketing Operations team. Others will feature guests who specialize in various aspects of portal management. Sometimes, we’ll name these guests in advance - sometimes, it’ll be a surprise. If more than 8 people sign up for a session, we’ll add you to the waitlist and make sure you’re able to attend a future session.


Collaborating on the Manual


You’ll be able to reference the document we create alongside recordings of the discussions long after the live discussions. We’ll revisit and refresh the guide periodically after the series is over, ensuring it represents the cutting edge of operations best practices in HubSpot.


Each session will have a designated notetaker who will document the best practices that Power Users contribute. Maggie will clean up the notes and post them in the Power User Community after each session.


Join us live for at least two sessions, and you’ll gain access to your own centralized copy of the final product. The live event series and its final product are exclusive to Power Users. You’ll be at the forefront of developing a HubSpot operations framework, opening up opportunities for you to be recognized as a leader in the space.



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hi, I am looking to be added to these sessions and I did sign up, but never received any invite/calendar event or prompt about joining and where and how to join any in the future. can someone provide more context on how this series works and is accessed, please? 

HubSpot Employee

Hi @andreadesabato ! Thanks for inquiring. Sessions 5 & beyond will be revealed and the sign-ups will be available shortly. I'll send you a direct message so that we can figure out what happened in regards to your invite for Session 4.