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    • Hi, We are in the process of automating our renewals by using Deals and Workflows. We have come to a stop due to a current problem and I am wondering if you can help with any ideas. We have a workflow that will autocreate deal if marked more
    • Hello! I have been doing some research and have been having a hard time finding a solution to our problem. We currently are a buisness that has 2 locations, these two locations will not share contacts. On our website we have two different forms more
    • We have a product in our portfolio that can be bought over 1, 3 or 5 years. If a customer wants to see prices for each option we currently create 3 deals for visibility. When the customer choose the option they prefer we mark the other 2 deals a more
    • We've been working to create an email based on specific service type closed. Ideally, the following would be true: If a deal closes AND The deal has a Service Type of X or Y or Z THEN A specific email is trigger (based on the service type) to th more
    • Question for the group: We have one service that is completed over six months, and it is billed twice. 1/2 at 3 months and 1/2 at 6 month mark. I don't believe we are utilizing the Deal amount to it's best feature. The team had been creating more
    • Hi - We attend a handful of industry events throughout the year and receive an attendee list post-event. I want to be able to market/send a special offer to these contacts and want to know what the best practice would be. The list has about 1,00 more
    • Hi there, It seems like the native Facebook Pixel Integration with Hubspot website/pages only tracks Page Visits. How do I go about tracking form submissions and sending these as a Lead event back to Facebook? Ensuring that enough parameters more
    • Hi, I want to use a form for internal purposes. The idea is that a reseacher with no access to HubSpot use the form to add required info. Then based on that form submission a deal will be created. But, email is a required field and the resea more
    • We have multiple sunset policies in place due to the nature of our business creating quite a lot of spam submissions. Does anyone have a catch all or any tips for dealing with things like people inputting names such as " Kllkkklk Khlkj" I would lik more
    • Hi people! I´d like to uderstand what is the best way to setuo CTA for a page with several languages. I know use the clone option not working because when I make a change in one, it replicates the changes to all the others CTA. So the only way is more
    • Hello, i'm new to HubSpot and am in the process of building a customer knowledge base. I was hoping to build a module with a list of product enhancement ideas, which users will be able to vote on. How can I build this? more
    • I tried using the 'Stopwatch' integration to help me understand my team's utilization rates, but after paying for it, it didn't go into the live environment, and I received 0 customer service, so I abandoned that approach. How many people are tr more
    • Hi all, Apologies if this question has beeb asked before. I am looking to create a workflow where I would like Hubspot to do the following - is this even possible: 1. Send out an information form that a potential client will sign (name, ad more
    • Hubspot's built in knowledge base feature has limited theme customisation, which means our knowledge base page looks like a different website to our main page. Has anyone found an alternative or created their own knowledge base page using hubspot th more
    • In Help Desk, is there a way to have tickets from the same contact automatically added to the Tickets association card on the right sidebar? This would allow our support team to see all of the previous ticket history from the same contact without ha more
    • 👋 Hi there, Is it possible to fetch the sequence label using the Sequence id? For internal tracking / reporting purposes, my team wants to automatically copy this sequence label every time it is updated into a custom property we've create more
    • I have a workflow that fetches a Date property from a custom object in custom code and returns this.   This steps works like a charm, returning the expected value when I test it. Now at a later point in the same workflow, I try more
    • Dear Hubspot Community, I have been using the new feature recently released from Hubspot, the deal score, and I find it so useful! I was wondering if anyone has thought about a baseline for the deal score, divided by deal stage. What is the th more
    • Hello, I'm looking for help creating a custom report in Hubspot - I'd like to be able to search keywords from email sent and received with the overall goal of having reports by subject matter and/or brand. Is this possible? Thanks! more
    • 👋 Hi everyone, I'm trying to set up a Custom Code action where based on my determined deal enrollment triggers. I want to do the following: Find the enrolled deal's Associated Company id & 'Company owner' value Copy the 'Company more
    • Hello all, Just found a solution for doing a basic validation on fields before submit on a hubspot form. Conditions: Raw html form Include jquery Code <script charset="utf-8" type="text/javascript" src="//"& more
    • Hi, Part of our business is selling services. I'd like to create a new Deal Property that gets its value from a calculation. In two deal properties we set 'Start Date' and 'End Date' . This allows for a quick (and correct) return for 'Proje more
    • Hey, HubSpot Developers! There are plenty of questions about the upcoming sunset and how to migrate your apps using API keys to use Private Apps. Luckily, our amazing team put together this guide, Migrate an API key integration to a private a more
    • I wanted to get some opinions on which direction to go based on a custom project scenario we have. First, a little background... Phase 1 - Created a dashboard webpage that is set to "private - registration required" and displays data from a more
    • tl;dr -- Submit this form to add suggestions for additional how-to content Happy New Year, everyone! I am sure you all are easily sticking to your resolutions 😜 We have this fellow named @AJLaPorte from the HubSpot Developer A more
    • I'm working with a client who is in need of some kind of invoice automation. I know there are subscriptions that auto draft from clients each month. However, some bigger clients aren't able to sign up for an auto pay situation because they have more
    • We want to be able to have a location field for people to type in where they are located and that will determine the phone number we suggest they call for customer support since we have quite a few. What would be the best way to do this? more
    • We often receive requests for supply-limited payment gateways; think of a landing page that only lets customers checkout “while supplies list.” While we don’t yet offer this as an out-of-the-box functionality, you can absolutely accomplish more
    • I have a sales hub professional seat, and I am trying to customize a Quote Template and add specific line items necessary in my quote. I can't seem to figure out a way to do this in the customization area. I need upwards of 15 different line items, more
    • Hey everyone! Welcome to the Commerce Community! This is your go-to space for everything Commerce in HubSpot, brought to you by the Commerce Hub product team. Commerce Hub is here to help you save time, get paid faster, and boost your revenue. more

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