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    • Hi, I HubSpot is there a way to to build a logic that sales rep can move the lead stage from Stage A to Stage E, only when they first move it to Stage B? I want to make sure sales rep directly don't make lead stage to the end stage we defi more
    • I am trying to figure out a couple of things. 1) whichs of our products are purchased first by contacts. We have a number of free courses that generates a $0 deal and want to be able to say "X% of people purchases this product as their 1st purchase more
    • I was looking for some help from the community on the following; We are attempting to use HubSpot as an effective forecasting tool as we attempt to use the Deals and Sales Orders to help provide accurate and robust data, that can help other fu more
    • Hey everyone, Probably a simple questions but looking for anyone else that might be in a similar space. I work primarily in the franchise space and the email formats are usually the same franchise-wide around every organization with the root dom more
    • Our sales team is looking for a way to track future potential sales. When a client mentions their future plans but aren't yet ready to begin discussions. We need: A way to see the opportunities that may be coming up as a team Reminders to con more
    • Hi, Is it possible to have one property appear on tickets, deals, and contacts? I see there are three seperate categories when creating a property (ex: ticket property). We have two forms: customer service and repairs. The CS form creates a tic more
    • Hey folks 👋 Does anyone here use brand archetypes in their marketing? Would you mind sharing your experience with this approach? I'm figuring out whether this thing is worth the effort to apply to brands I'm working with. Any success/failur more
    • Hey Community After an insightful exploration of optimizing the middle column of CRM records in our last challenge , it's time to dive deeper into the realm of workflows. Whether you're a pro or just getting started, there's more
    • Hi Marketers, Just launched this landing page for a pre-sale of a marketing metrics platform. Would love your feedback so I can improve the conversion rate. Is it clear what the product does? Are you incentivised by the membership tiers? more
    • Hi, On our landing page we would like to create a "Like counter". Each time a contact will click on a CTA the number of likes should increase. How can we implement that kind of module? Thank you, more
    • Is there is a way to setup weekly billing with line items? If not, are there any suggestions on ways anyone has setup this for client's who are wanting to do weekly billing? Thanks! more
    • Hey RevOps folks!!!! A question for you: how do you track the average follow up rate? We want to track how long it takes for AEs to follow up with prospects in every deal stage, and how many touches they do. In this case as follow up we want more
    • Hello! Essentially currently certain information our Ops team need to onboard deals (e.g. specific systems the company uses) are stored on a Company. I'd really like the information to also be available within a deal so the Ops team don't ha more
    • Hey all - I am aware that some people use Custom Objects to display customer insights for Customer Success. Is there anyone around who has some notes / guidelines on doing this and how I can set it up for our team? more
    • I'm currently looking for a smart way to update the renewal dates for subscription products. Our set up is the following: - our sales team sells SaaS products as well as one of products using Hubspot, we currently do not create renewal deals in more
    • Hello all, Just found a solution for doing a basic validation on fields before submit on a hubspot form. Conditions: Raw html form Include jquery Code <script charset="utf-8" type="text/javascript" src="//"& more
    • Hi, Part of our business is selling services. I'd like to create a new Deal Property that gets its value from a calculation. In two deal properties we set 'Start Date' and 'End Date' . This allows for a quick (and correct) return for 'Proje more
    • Hey, HubSpot Developers! There are plenty of questions about the upcoming sunset and how to migrate your apps using API keys to use Private Apps. Luckily, our amazing team put together this guide, Migrate an API key integration to a private a more
    • I wanted to get some opinions on which direction to go based on a custom project scenario we have. First, a little background... Phase 1 - Created a dashboard webpage that is set to "private - registration required" and displays data from a more
    • tl;dr -- Submit this form to add suggestions for additional how-to content Happy New Year, everyone! I am sure you all are easily sticking to your resolutions 😜 We have this fellow named @AJLaPorte from the HubSpot Developer A more

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